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Introduction of institution

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Explanation of social labor service

Offender is sentenced to imprisonment for not more than six months can claim social labor service.

Must register to the designated executive body on time through permitting the social laborer, serious offering works and observes certain norm.

For who are physically and mentally healthy factor, are not fit for offering to the social laborer as to the old and the weak incomplete ill or great foul disease etc., or apt to obey social labor to be difficult to charge result or keep the intersection of law and order person while being difficult that correct, procurator judge not to obey the social labor service.

Offering 6 hours social labor service equals 1 day imprisonment which must fulfill in 1 year.

Becoming effective on September 1st ,2009.

Money can buy freedom, poor only go to jail?

In an offense that carries a maximum principal punishment of not more than five years’ imprisonment, if the offender is sentenced to imprisonment for not more than six months or short-term imprisonment, the punishment may be commuted to a fine. As the gaps between the haves and have-nots, having 45,000 people have financial difficulties each year who unable to pay the fine, so they only go to the jail, however, it is unfair and cannot avoid short-term imprisonment effectively.

Social labor service effective assessment

Unfair of avoiding short-term imprisonment

Helping offender back to society

Transferring prisoner from costumer to producer creating value

Relieving the prison crowdedly, save the fee on correcting.

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